Here’s some stuff I’ve been working on (github has the most recent & up-to-date info):

Common Lisp

  • I do some administrative work for the SBCL project
  • Actual code: a gdbinit for SBCL
  • I helped resurrect iterate from the CMU AI repository. Joerg Hoehle and Attila Lendvai are taking good care of it now.
  • I wrote a UBF encoder/decoder for Common Lisp when I was bored. (see)
  • I wrote Autobench to burn CPU cycles on this box.
  • A VT100 screen scraper I wrote during my time at SILVER SERVER Gmbh was released as Open Source software.

See also my blog’s category Lisp

Non-Lisp hacks

Watch history unfold at my github account and this blog’s category Hacks.